Foot Pain

Foot Shox Insoles Relieve Foot Pain

Millions of Americans tolerate foot pain because they mistakenly believe there’s no simple remedy for it. But you don’t have to endure foot pain. Shock-absorbing insoles can relieve foot pain. And Foot Shox shoe inserts provide more foot pain relief than any other brand of insoles.

Podiatrists cite many causes of foot pain, including medical conditions, injuries, sprains that stretch or tear ligaments, stress fractures of bones in the foot and even poorly fitting shoes.

But one of the most common causes of foot pain is daily wear and tear from step shock. Since your feet are small relative to the rest of your body, performing strenuous tasks day after day puts an enormous impact on them and often causes foot pain. Each step you take generates a jarring force 50 percent greater than your body weight. The average person takes as many as 8000 pounding steps (three to four miles) everyday on hard surfaces. Incredibly, the feet of a 165-pound man bear a cumulative weight of 660 tons a day. We call this tremendous impact “step shock.” Step shock is one of the leading causes of foot pain.

Aging is also one of the primary causes of foot pain. No part of your body needs more protection from pressure and impact than the soles of your feet. That’s the reason the skin on the bottom of your feet is thicker and denser than on the rest of your body. We refer to the fatty pads on the soles of your feet as your “natural shock absorbers.” After enduring years of step shock, your natural shock absorbers begin to thin and wear out. That’s why you experience more foot pain as you get older.

So, it’s not surprising that nearly 80 percent of Americans experience some foot pain by age 20 and almost everybody suffers from foot pain by age 40. Your feet are more prone to pain and injury than any other part of your body.

Foot Shox insoles replace your worn-out shock absorbers and relieve foot pain caused by step shock and the aging process.

Foot Shox insoles relieve foot pain better than any other insole product on the market. That’s because Foot Shox insoles are made entirely of LIQUID FILLED, the #1 shock absorbing insole material in the world. An independent lab rated LIQUID FILLED #1 for absorbing painful impact forces — superior to latex foam, gel, sponge rubber, neoprene, vinyl sponge or viscoelastic.

The more shock absorption in your insoles, the less pain in your feet.