Job pain

Foot Shox Insoles Relieve Job-Related
Foot Pain, Knee Pain and Back Pain

If you work on your feet all day, you’re probably one of the millions of people who suffer nearly unbearable foot pain, knee pain and back pain by the end of your shift, especially if you stand and walk on hard surfaces.

Each step you take on a hard floor generates a jarring force 50 percent greater than your body weight. We call this painful impact “step shock.” Unfortunately, step shock doesn’t stop at your feet. The shock waves travel upward into your knees and back, causing knee pain and back pain.
Sadly, most workers whose feet take a daily beating mistakenly believe there’s nothing they can do to relieve their foot pain, knee pain and back pain. However, if your feet are doing a lot of work, simply putting Foot Shox insoles in your work shoes will give you relief from foot pain, knee pain and back pain.

Just ask Debra Ware, a nurse who works in Corbin, Kentucky. “When I got home after working a 12-hour shift at the nursing home, my feet were burning, my legs hurt and I had a lot of back pain. I had so much foot pain, knee pain and back pain, I couldn’t go to sleep even though I was dead tired. In my line of business, there are so many gimmicks, I was really skeptical that wearing any insoles could help me. But I decided to give the Foot Shox insoles a try,” Mrs. Ware said. “Since I’ve been wearing these insoles, my feet no longer burn, my legs don’t hurt anymore, and I don’t have any back pain. I never thought insoles could make such a difference.”

Workers who need Foot Shox shock-absorbing insoles on the job to relieve foot pain, knee pain and back pain include:

Nurses, doctors, therapists, medical technicians, retail salespeople, cashiers, teachers, postal employees, UPS and FedEx workers, police officers, fire fighters, flight attendants, chefs, waiters and waitresses, bartenders, fast food workers and butchers.

Beauticians, barbers, military personnel, construction workers, mechanics, factory workers, painters, carpenters, roofers, electricians, plumbers, janitors, maids, security guards and movers.

If we failed to mention your pain-causing job in the above list, please accept our apology. Even people who spend more time sitting at a desk than standing on their feet complain about foot pain, knee pain and back pain at the end of their workday. That’s particularly true for women whose jobs oblige them to wear high heels. Wearing high heels doubles the weight borne by the ball of the foot, causing foot pain even if you don’t have to stand on your feet for long periods.

More than one-third of all American workers report they experience some form of foot pain, knee pain and back pain by the end of their workday one or more times a week. One in three American workers complain about foot pain from standing most of the day, one in four workers report having back pain and one in four workers say they have leg cramps and knee pain.

The experts at Orthopedic Research Labs put Foot Shox insoles to the most demanding on-the-job test imaginable. We recruited Home Depot employees who work long hours on concrete floors to test Foot Shox insoles. They complained about painful feet, sore knees and aching backs caused by the impact of walking and standing on extremely hard concrete. Many had tried other brands of insoles that made little or no difference.

Here’s what they said about Foot Shox insoles:
Foot Shox insoles relieved the foot pain, knee pain and back pain that Tony Huszai, a Home Depot store installation manager, used to suffer. “The Foot Shox insoles are working great, absolutely. I’ve noticed a big difference. I’m standing on a six-inch concrete slab all day, and it certainly doesn’t give,” Mr. Huszai said. “My legs feel better, and my lower back feels better too. I don’t go home at night and have to put my feet up because they hurt so much. Your insoles beat the heck out of Dr. Scholl’s, I will say that. There’s no comparison at all. I think the extra pad in the heel is what really helps me.”

If Foot Shox insoles provide such dramatic pain relief for Home Depot employees, imagine how beneficial our insoles can be for anyone who suffers from on-the-job foot pain, knee pain and back pain.