Men’s 3/4-Length Dress Shoe Insoles (one size fits all)




Most men’s dress shoes, loafers and boat shoes have little or no cushion. That’s why you’re more likely to suffer foot pain, knee pain and back pain when you’re wearing dress shoes. Foot Shox men’s 3/4-length shock absorbing insoles – custom designed for shoes with limited toe room – are a simple and effective remedy. Put a pair of our 3/4-length shoe inserts in your dress shoes and you’ll suffer less foot pain, knee pain and back pain.

Most full-length shock absorbing insoles are too thick to fit into men’s dress shoes, loafers and deck shoes. Foot Shox 3/4-length shock absorbing shoe inserts provide cushion in the heel area where it’s needed most, but don’t crowd the toe box.

Our 3/4-length shoe inserts are made entirely of Poron, the #1 shock absorbing material for shoe insoles in the world. Don’t confuse our Poron shoe insoles with gel insoles. Fluid gel shoe inserts don’t absorb impact, are bulky and can make your feet hot and sweaty. Foot Shox shock absorbing insoles offer the best cushion against painful impact. Plus, the open cell construction of our Poron shoe insoles allows heat to dissipate and perspiration to evaporate quickly, so your feet remain cool and dry.

Our 3/4-length insoles are 3/16″ thick at the heel, gradually tapering to about 1/8″ for a perfect fit that won’t make your shoes too tight. Our shoe inserts are soft and flexible, providing gentle support and exceptional comfort. Foot Shox shock absorbing insoles are guaranteed not to flatten out from daily wear. Our 3/4-length insoles can be removed from your shoes and washed, providing proper hygiene inside your shoes. You can’t buy a better pair of shock absorbing insoles for your dress shoes, loafers and deck shoes.

One Size Fits All
We do not recommend the 3/4-length dress insoles for men’s shoes larger than size 11