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A lot of people like to read what other people say about a product before they buy it. Over the years, we’ve received hundreds of letters from our customers who have said some pretty amazing and wonderful things about Foot Shox. We’d like to share just a few of those letters with you. We could have “cherry picked” the best lines from each letter. But we decided to let you read the entire letter so you would know we didn’t make up this stuff. We also could have posted hundreds of similar letters, but we figured you wouldn’t want to read that many.

Our Customers Rave About Foot Shox Insoles

I love your insoles! They help keep me on the court playing senior women’s basketball at the age of 61, even though I have osteoarthritis and traumatic injury arthritis in my knees. Robyn Orban
I have used Foot Shox for 10 years and because of the innersoles I can walk and run after being hit by a car and a ladder fall. Thanks!!!! Tracy Moon

“Thanks for making these insoles. I’m a nurse and I’ve been wearing them for over three years. My feet do not hurt and I’m on concrete floors for 13 hours a day. I took order forms to work and made copies so the other nurses can have relief like I do. I also have my grown sons wearing Foot Shox, as well as my brothers. Thanks again.” Evelyn Perkins

“I’ve worn the Foot Shox insoles for almost a week, and I’m impressed! I manage the nursery at a Home Depot Garden Center and work 8-10 hours per day on concrete. I could barely walk at day’s end. All that has changed with Foot Shox. I’m able to come home and actually tend my own garden after work!…Thanks for developing a product that drastically improves the quality of work life for us.” Marsha Fanfani

“I bought two pairs of Foot Shox insoles – one for my husband and one for my son. Both work on their feet all day. When I opened the package, I didn’t believe the Foot Shox could possibly do what was claimed. They seemed too thin and unremarkable. Well, the jury is in. The Foot Shox work! Both my husband and son report that they do not have any foot pain at the end of the work day, as they did before using the Foot Shox insoles.” Sharon Lundin

“Foot Shox insoles are great. At first, I thought they were too thin. But after putting them in my shoes, I noticed a difference the first day. I have ordered several times. Excellent customer service and fast shipping.” Larry Jerome

“I use my Foot Shox every single day. I’ve now had the insoles for just over a week, and I am truly pleased. I am 27 years old, athletic, with flat feet. I’ve noticed a reduction in feet, knee and lower back soreness. I will continue to purchase Foot Shox, and I have already endorsed the product to friends, family and co-workers.” James Allen

“I love Foot Shox! I have been using them for years. I am 100% satisfied. I recommend them to my friends.” John K. Nash

“I bought myself a pair of Foot Shox insoles for my work shoes. I walk and stand all day on concrete. I’m very satisfied, so much that I bought a pair for my boyfriend and he is also very happy with them. Great insoles, especially for how thin they are.” Susan Dahl

“Great product. I work for Coca Cola and deliver all over the bay area . I bought these Foot Shox insoles a year ago. That was the best thing I did before I started to work for Coca Cola. My feet haven’t hurt once, even with all of the heavy lifting I do everyday!!” John Rutledge

“I have been using Foot Shox insoles for several years now and I wouldn’t use any other brand. I’m on my feet a lot and I really appreciate your product.” Sandra Wielgosh

“Foot Shox insoles gave me immediate relief from the pain in my knees. I would highly recommend them to anyone with knee problems.” James Lynn

“Best product I have ever used. Have been wearing Foot Shox insoles for years and they don’t wear out!” Laurie Meyers

“I use Foot Shox in every pair of shoes that I wear, even my bedroom slippers, because the insoles enable me to walk without pain or stress. Foot Shox can be washed and dried, so they are fresh for use. I am on your reorder list and will continue to reorder. I mistakenly ordered a small size instead of my usual size, and your order department caught that error and called to verify the size. Now, that is personalized service!” Mary Griffith

“Foot Shox are the best insoles. I tried the Dr. Scholl’s gel insoles with no relief.
Foot Shox keep my feet free of pain all day.” John K. Nash

“Foot Shox offers a fantastic product. I initially ordered the two-pair set for ladies dress and sport shoes. I was so impressed that I ordered 6 more pairs. The delivery was incredibly fast – less than a week. Also, I was given a discount for ordering multiple pairs. I love this merchant and their products. I will buy several more pairs of Foot Shox at a later date.” Wendy Hernandez

“My feet used to hurt all the time when I stood for long hours on my job. I am a waiter. I had been using Dr. Scholl’s, but they’re just the worst insoles and I never liked them. Then I tried Foot Shox. I’ll never wear another brand of insoles again. I have turned many a waiter onto your product. Thank you so very much for such a wonderful product.” Karen Gray

“Foot Shox insoles are great. Wouldn’t put on a pair of shoes without them.”
Ruth Perry

“I’ve been working on my feet for 18 years. Until I found the Foot Shox insoles, my feet always hurt. Since I’ve been wearing Foot Shox, my feet don’t hurt anymore.
I love these insoles! I recommend them to everyone at work.” Nancy Williams

“Foot Shox insoles are a great product! Foot Shox are the only insoles I’ve found that work – and at a reasonable price. I’m recommending their products to everyone at work.” David Autry
This is how Mr. Autry rated his Foot Shox experience: Price: Excellent ; Shipping and Delivery: Excellent ; Ease of Purchase: Excellent ; Customer Service: Excellent

“I have used your Foot Shox insoles for over a year. I suffer from Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy (nerve damage) in my lower right extremity. Because of the insoles, I can now take walks with my dog – something I never thought I could do again. Your product is great.” Cynthia Stor

“I fell 30 feet, shattered both my heels and was never supposed to walk again. After surgery and a year of rehabilitation, I started walking and the pain was excruciating. Over time the pain lessened, but I never was able to feel comfortable. I have tried every pill, cream, insole, specialist, etc. About 6 to 7 years ago, I saw an ad on TV for Foot Shox and purchased a pair of insoles. Foot Shox are bar none the best insole ever! Thanks.” Fraser McGurk

“Urgent! My dog ate my only pair of Foot Shox this morning, so I need some new ones right away!! Please upgrade my shipping method to Priority Mail. Your Foot Shox insoles are AMAZING. Your insoles should be in every single pair of shoes on the market.” Chad Thompson

“The Foot Shox cushions are great. They’re comfortable and last well. They don’t slide around or bunch up. I reordered twice and both times, it was a great experience…The insoles were delivered very fast. No complaints at all. I wish all companies were like this.” Pong Louie
This is how Mr. Louie rated his Foot Shox experience: Price: Excellent; Shipping Options: Excellent; Delivery: Excellent; Ease of Purchase: Excellent; Customer Service: Excellent

“I am writing to tell you that I received my Foot Shox (very quickly I might add) and I LOVE them!!!! I literally put the dress insoles in my 4-inch heeled boots the second I opened the package. I immediately noticed a difference in the shock absorption, especially to my knees (I have a history of knee problems / surgery). Then when I arrived home, ready for my evening jog, I inserted the sport insoles into my running shoes and started to run. WHAT A DIFFERENCE!! I think I literally ran further than I usually do because I felt like I was running on a rubber surface. It was amazing. I have now ordered two more sets, one for my mother and one for my best friend. THANK YOU for a wonderful, affordable, effective product. Not to mention your customer service is superb!! THANK YOU AGAIN.” Michelle Lewitt

“I am wearing your Foot Shox insoles that I recently purchased. They are the answer to my foot and back problems. As an avid walker and dancer, I tried many of the insoles made by different companies. None did the job for me. Yours do! Amen.” Jerry Koch

“I ordered some LIQUID FILLED insoles from footshox.com. (After some amount of Internet research, this was the only site I found that offered 100% LIQUID FILLED insoles). My order was handled promptly and professionally. I cannot believe that such a thin, light insole is so comfortable. These are, without a doubt, the most comfortable insoles I’ve ever worn. I am an extremely full-figured woman (to be tactful) with arthritis and almost flat feet. I wear custom orthotics and semi-corrective shoes and, occasionally ankle wraps. But these insoles are the best thing I’ve ever done for my feet, ankles, knees, hips, etc. And they are very reasonably priced.” Yvonne Ray

“I just received the Foot Shox insoles. I have had six surgeries on my left foot, and it has a lot of scar tissue on it. The Foot Shox insoles feel better than anything I have tried so far. My foot will probably never be pain free. But your insoles help quite a bit. Thanks for the quick shipment.” Dave McFarland

“Jay Black called me last night to thank me from the bottom of his heart for sending him a pair of Foot Shox insoles. He feels like he is walking on a cloud. He works 12 hour shifts in construction and said for the past two days he has had no foot, knee or hip fatigue and pain. He is very excited!!!” Susan Borden

“I have a number of issues with my feet. I suffer from fibromyalgia and broke my right foot some time back which still bothers me. I’ve been told that I have plantar fasciitis. But with Foot Shox insoles, I walk in complete comfort. I have told many others about your products, but people seem to be reluctant about buying more insoles because they have been “burned” with other types. I try to explain that these are not your standard issue Dr. Scholls! One needs to try Foot Shox to believe it, I guess. Foot Shox insoles have taken me everywhere with hard use. Constant walking all over London and Hawaii are just two examples.” Vikki Williamson

“At first glance, I was doubtful about the potential effectiveness of the Foot Shox shoe inserts. As soon as I had worn them, all doubt disappeared. Foot Shox exceeded my expectations. The best buy I have made this year. Robert Blick

“The Foot Shox insoles are fantastic. This is my second order. When I got my first two pairs, I couldn’t believe anything so thin and comfortable would work. Before using Foot Shox, the pain in my heels was so bad, I could barely walk. I even had custom orthotics made, and my feet hurt more than ever. The shoes don’t matter either, I’ve tried many. Well, I started using the Foot Shox work / sport insoles, and as the days and weeks went by, my heel and foot pain disappeared.” Bernie LaFleur