Why Use FootShox?

Who Needs FootShox?
Just About Everyone!

You need Foot Shox if…

  • Your job requires you to stand and walk on hard surfaces for long work shifts.
  • Your job requires you to do a lot of bending and lifting heavy weights.
  • You exercise by running, jogging, walking, or taking aerobics classes.
  • You’re a sports junkie – tennis, golf, basketball, baseball, football, soccer, bowling, roller-skating or just about any sports activity is hard on your feet and joints.
  • You wear high heels.
  • You’re a ballroom dancer who dances in stilettos.
  • You’re pregnant.
  • Your podiatrist told you that your heel pain is caused by “heel spurs” or “plantar fasciitis“.
  • Your knees hurt.
  • You suffer foot, joint and back pain from arthritis.
  • You’re getting older and your natural shock absorbers are worn out.